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My name is Aleksander Molak. Friends call me Alex. My mission is to translate complex concepts into understandable bite-size pieces and share them with you.I am an independent machine learning researcher, author, advisor, educator and an entrepreneur.I am specialized in causality, natural language processing (NLP) and AI startegy.

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Selected Talks & Workshops


A Practical Guide to Causality in Python (For The Perplexed)
PyData NYC 2023


The Battle of Giants - Causality vs NLP - From Theory to Practice (Workshop)
PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2023


Causal Inference in Python: Estimating Causal Effects (Keynote)
KI Fabrigk Konferenz, Ingolstadt


Practical Causal Discovery in Python
Data Science Summit ML Edition, Warsaw


Practical graph neural networks in Python with TensorFlow and Spektral (Workshop)
PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2022


Causality: An Introduction
PyData Hamburg


Causal Disovery in Python
GHOST Day Applied ML Conf 2022


What should I buy next? How to leverage word embeddings to build an efficient recommender system
PyData Tel Aviv 2021


Modeling aleatoric and epistemic uncertainty using Tensorflow and Tensorflow Probability
PyData Global 2021

Causal Book

Causal Inference and Discovery in PythonDemystify causal inference and casual discovery by uncovering causal principles and merging them with powerful machine learning algorithms for observational and experimental data.

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I host a video podcast on Causality and Causal AI called The Causal Bandits Podcast.The show is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and all other major podcast platforms.